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Our Patients Speak


Initially: Overall Wellness, improve endurance

I was recommended to North County Family Chiropractic by a colleague who is also into fitness and holistic wellness. The initial consultation was very informative and I saw how this would help me improve my fitness goals.  

My experience during care was very educational and nurturing.  I was able to apply lessons learned through daily questions of the week, articles of the week, and health and nutrition workshops to my daily routines.  I occasionally would be tense or sore from my intense biking or p90X routines and found that the adjustments significantly helped me not only alleviate the pain, but also made me be able to sustain my workouts much longer.  At the present moment I am feeling good.  The adjustments and massage therapy compliments my intense workout routines and performance improvements are noticeable.  

Dr. Cameron, Dr. Ivana and staff are ultimate professionals and very knowledgeable in their fields and I consider them a valuable resource for my health needs.  To me chiropractic is a supplement to good exercise and nutrition for overall sustainable health.  My advice for anyone thinking about care at North County Family Chiropractic is that this office has personalized service and they take the whole family into account when providing their best recommendations for you and your family.


Initially: hip, neck and thumb joint pain 

I came to North County Family Chiropractic with constant hip, neck and thumb joint pain.  Being a dental hygienist for 31 years was taking a toll on my body and I was in constant pain and living with it!  A long time friend of mine had been telling me for years to see Dr. Cameron for a consultation and I wish I hadn't waited so long.

After my initial meeting with Dr. Cameron I knew I wanted to work with him to get back the wellness in my achy joints.  Seeing my X-rays and scans made this an easy decision.  Always being a healthy, active person I wanted to make sure I did whatever I could to continue my lifestyle without constant nagging pain.  

In the beginning, I saw Dr. Cameron three times per week and then twice per week.  I learned stretches that would benefit me and participated in wellness classes and workouts that the office offers.  I always felt I was learning new ways to better my health.  The doctors and staff have always been professional and willing to share their knowledge of health and wellness with me.  From answering health related questions, to scheduling last minute and much needed appointments, to the skilled hands of the massage therapists.  It's now a year into treatment and my constant pain is no longer a daily reminder of my 31 years as a dental hygienist.

 I've learned chiropractic care is more than just popping and cracking your bones, which is actually just nitrogen gas being released from your joints that makes the sound.  It really is a whole wellness experience, inside and out.  Everything is connected and needs balance to work well.

To anyone thinking about care I would say don't wait.  The way I feel today as compared to one year ago is amazing.  I wish I had started earlier.  I have chosen to continue my wellness goals and will be seeing Dr. Cameron weekly.


Initially: Back pain and numbness in hand

Prior to seeing Dr. Sutter I was a twenty four year old inside of a fifty year olds body.  It sounds funny and a stretch, but it is true.  My previous chiropractors and doctors had me on pain killers and muscle relaxers just to get through the day.  I would have to stretch in my bed before I could even think about getting out of it in the morning.  I also noticed some of my fingers would go numb from time to time and I had no idea why or what was going on.

I found Dr. Sutter of North County Family Chiropractic at my companies' health expo at our office in January of 2010. He had his scanner at his table, which is one of the tests he runs to measure symmetry and energy output.  At the time he was just scanning peoples' necks to check for nerve irritation and to see how the pattern was affecting the neck area, which was eye opening to me as I had never seen or heard of such a test.  I have had back problems since freshman year of high school from an old football injury and so I knew my back was messed up, but I never really thought about my neck.  At the conclusion of the scan he stated that I had nerve irritation in my neck, which was surprising and scary to me as I never had pains in my neck before.  I got nervous and curious at the same time because if I didn't have any pain in my neck and it was that bad then what does my back actually look like.

My experience during care has been amazing as they truly care about you as a person and not just a quick adjustment and then out the door.  I have seen four or five different chiropractors throughout my lifetime and this is the first place to take the time and dive into your personal life with what you eat, when you eat, implementing different stretches, and much more.  I never realized it, but feeling good is about overall well being and health and not just about hearing a simple crack or pop.

At the present time I feel the best I have felt since as far back as I can remember.  I saw Dr. Sutter for the entire year of 2010 and it was one of the best years of my life.  I am not only physically feeling great, but everything that I was able to do and accomplish because I was no longer limited or restricted in what I was trying to do.  I only wish we met each other five or six years ago when I was still playing college football.

The entire family in the office, in my opinion, is hands down the best out there and the fact that I refer to them as family speaks for itself; you are always welcomed with open and caring arms. Not to mention the knowledge that I have gained about health and wellness is priceless.

The meaning of chiropractic has defiantly shaped and formed  me over the years of seeing different doctors as they all have their own reasons to their madness, but to me it's like a two way street and a relationship. You have a coach or teacher who will share the knowledge and tips with you but it's up to the individual to do the stretches or to eat better.   It is more than just the adjustments, it is a lifestyle.

People who are thinking about care at North County Family Chiropractic are about to dive into something that will change their life forever.  Stop thinking about it or talking about it and make an appointment.   I guarantee you will feel and notice the results and be happy with how they go about it.


Initially: Numbness in right leg and pinched nerve in back

A couple of years ago, I was in the middle of some intense home repair.  Mysteriously, when I would go to bed, I began to feel an increasing numbness in my right leg when I would lie on my back.  Finally, I made an appointment with my care physician, and received the results of an MRI scan confirming my intial thoughts of a potential pinched nerve in my spine as a result of a herniated disc. 

Immediately, I began a regiment of physical therapy to decrease the pressure on the nerve.  This helped with limited results.  Eventually, the numbness decreased in my right leg, although persistent back muscle stiffness soon replaced that relief. 

I met Dr. Cameron at a health awareness corporate event, and thought the time was right to finally get a second opinion.  I really enjoyed his optimism and genuine concern that this is something that I do not need to live with the rest of my life.  Surgery was not the only answer.

I must admit that I was skeptical about chiropractic treatment.  On the other hand, I had not performed my own research on the treatment techniques, nor had I ever experienced the results first hand.  I wanted to maintain an open mind as to what could come about.

I really enjoyed the inital office visit.  The staff was warm, and the atmosphere was caring.  The staff knew me by name before I could remember theirs.  My personal schedule adjusts more rapidly than I can keep up with, and the office has been more than understanding and flexible to make sure my needs can still be accommodated.

Today I am fully functioning as I remember being before my injury.  In fact, I think I am even better than that.  I am not in the position of always thinking about how I might injure my back.  The exercises that I have been given by Dr. Cameron have helped me to maintain good posture and strength levels so that I don't have to tip toe my activities around a potential injury.  My work as an architect demands that I remain hunched over a large desk for long periods of time, and now I am able to do that again with much less concern for injury.

My attitude towards Chiropractic care has changed.  Initially, my impression was cracking backs.  My own personal case study has made it clear that not only does chiropractic care offer pain relief, but education toward maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle wherein chiropractic adjustments aid your personal efforts.  Every office visit, Dr. Cameron and Dr. Nedic are fully dedicated to client education in terms of holistic wellness, and the connection to chiropractic care.

I would advise anyone thinking about chiropractic care, and overall wellness, to be sure to stop by North County Family Chiropractic.  Their attention to detail on individual levels is astounding. 


Initially: Lower back and foot pain sufferer

I first met Dr. Cameron Sutter at a Community Outreach event in North County.  After talking to the doctors, I had the feeling that I should find out what chiropractic could do for me.  The initial information I learned from our encounter sounded different than others that I came across.  At that time I suffered from severe lower back pain and pain in my feet.  Standing for longer periods of time was difficult due to the pain.  Similarly sitting was also difficult.

On my first visit the doctors have taken considerable amount of time to examine me and my family.   They provided clear analysis on what the problems are.  They provided clear information of what the healing process would be like.  Throughout the care they listen to my problems and always try to solve them.

At present I feel a lot better compared to when I first came in.  I have started care two months ago and now the pain in my feet has improved and my back is showing considerable improvement as well.  Previously I was lazy to get up and stretch, but now I feel like doing it as there is so much improvement and all within two months!

North County Family Chiropractic is just a fantastic place to go and get good care and to get informed about healthy living!  The atmosphere, the decor, the attitude and the information is all geared towards healthy living.  They treat the body as opposed to the pain.  The doctors and all their staff are extremely family friendly.  My daughter and son feel completely at home in the office.  Our family really likes it here and we recommend it to everyone!  We are all seeing signs of progress in our bodies!

"To be under chiropractic care means to improve your lifestyle, to live healthy, to have a healthy body, to be energetic, and to have a positive outlook on life, given that your body has to heal from previous 'karmas', if you will, rather than 'pains."


Initially: Severe pain in right shoulder, 50% right arm motion lost, and lower back pain sufferer

In August of 2005 I had a severe mishap and broke both of my arms.  My left radius was broken at the wrist and my right humerous was broken at the elbow with a compound fracture (numerous points of break in the same location).  I had severe pain in my right shoulder and lower back.  My right arm had lost more than 50% of it's motion.

I met Dr. Ivana Nedic and Dr. Cameron Sutter at the Del Mar Fair's yearly "Head to Toe: Women's Expo" in November 2005.  I was wearing an arm brace at the time Dr. Ivana approached me.  I thought they could not help me with two broken arms.  Dr. Ivana had such a welcoming smile and her personality drew me in and we talked about setting up an initial consultation and examination.  After the consultation I was still curious as to how they were going to help me with this chronic pain I had in my shoulders and lower back.

After my first treatment I was elated to say I had absolutely no pain at all in my shoulder when I walked out of the office!  I was convinced that Dr. Ivana is a miracle worker.  I continued to see her three times a week.

It is now September 2008 and I am being seen by both Dr. Ivana and Dr. Cameron every other week.  I look forward to my massage therapy and adjustment appointments.  I feel better every day in every way with their help.  My condition has posed many secondary injuries and Dr. Ivana and Dr. Cameron have been with me every step of the way.  I used to have severe pain in my feet and the orthotics corrected the pain, but also helped my lower back.  The severe pain I had in my shoulders in no longer present, thank God!  The only thing that continues to get aggravated is my sacrum and I believe that has to do with my arm not being able to fully extend.  However, a consistent regiment of seeing my best Chiropractors corrects that and in time once I get back to a consistent exercise routine the two put together will help tremendously.

My opinion of Dr. Nedic, Dr. Sutter and the staff is that they are the best in every way.  I will always consider them my miracle workers.  The front desk assistants are consistent with the best customer service and the massage therapists are consistent with their healing massage therapy.  I can go to any massage therapist at North County Family Chiropractic and I still get the best treatment ever.  There are no bad days when I come to the office.  Any day is a good day and I look forward to my appointments.  I've seen a lot of doctors since 2005, and North County Family chiropractic appointments are the ones I sincerely look forward to.

Chiropractic to me is an overall health benefit for my whole body, mind and soul.  Any symptom I come in with is addressed if I let it be known.  What better way to de-stress and clear your mind of negativity, and clear you body of toxins and cleanse your soul with the uplifting spirit in the office and the best treatment possible.

I have a saying: "I can't afford to not give back in areas of importance to me spiritually."  You can't afford not to go to North County Family Chiropractic.  You are doing yourself a dis-service if you don't begin Chiropractic care.  However, not just any Chiropractor will do.  See Dr. Nedic and Dr. Sutter at North County Family Chiropractic.  It is an experience you will treasure for life.  You will learn about your overall health in addition to your immediate needs.

One other thing I'd like to make a note of is that both doctors take a personal interest in you as a person.  You feel like you are a VIP after every session.  Oh, and don't forget to attend the free health care classes they offer for their patients!


Initially: Back pain sufferer

Before seeing Dr. Cameron, I was experiencing ongoing middle and lower back pain with upper back tension, all perpetuated by my job that involved lifting and repetitive movements.

While expressing frustrations of my physical aches and pains to my supervisor, she told me about the wonderful benefits she has experienced with chiropractic care and recommended that I see Dr. Sutter.  So, I took her advice and got a full chiropractic exam.  During my report of findings I was suprised at my spinal problems that I saw from the x-rays, but felt encouraged by the plan of action proposed by Dr. Sutter to correct the cause and allow my spine to heal.

Now I feel STRONGER, have less pain and have better range of motion.  I always feel welcomed when I come in for my adjustments.  My thoughts and concerns are always listened to and questions are thoroughly answered.  I feel less tense and stressed after each adjustment because of the adjustments as well as the interaction with everyone at the office.  I appreciate all the information I am given and I love all the stretches and excercises that I have been taught.

I did not know much about chiropractic before, but now chiropractic to me means retraining the body to maintain it's own proper alignment and to heal itself to it's highest potiential.

If I was to give one piece of advice to someone considering chiropractic care at North County Family Chiropractic it's NOT TO WAIT.  Get an initial exam as soon as possible, so that you will at least know what condition your spine is in and will be able to make an informed decision about your health and remember to always ask questions!



Initially: Lower back pain sufferer that radiated to her legs

My name is Darlene Lampley and I first met Dr. Cameron Sutter at our company's corporate wellness health talk.  Dr. Cameron was the presenter.

At the time I was suffering from sharp, chronic, low back pain that radiated to my legs.  I had such a difficult time turning from side to side while in bed, also getting in and out of bed.  My feet were constantly hurting.  This pain interfered with my ability to participate in the 5K walks, which I love so much.  The walks are my favorite activity!

At first I was skeptical of what chiropractic can do for me.  I have seen another chiropractor in the past, but I had little to no relief.  I thought about it and decided to give chiropractic another chance.  I proceeded to consult with Dr. Cameron.  We did a very comprehensive exam and Dr. Cameron determined that chiropractic could help me.  I found out that my spine had a lot of misalignments, so we set mutual goals and a deadline to accomplish them by. 

Within the few weeks I started to feel gradual relief from my pain.  I started to feel confident in Dr. Cameron and his knowledge of the relationship between the body and it's function and the problems it can cause when it's out of balance.  NOW I HAVE ZERO PAIN!  I am walking again and am exercising regularly without problems.  I feel a sense of accomplishment in finding the solution to my chronic problem.  I FEEL LIKE I CAN RUN A MARATHON!

I find Dr. Cameron and the rest of North County Family Chiropractic so caring, supportive, and knowledgable on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I look forward to each adjustment and each educational workshop offered.  Chiropractic is medicine that addresses the body, mind and spirit to address dysfunction of the person due to spinal misalignments.



Initially: Headaches and back pain sufferer

Hello my name is Tammera.  Before starting chiropractic care with Dr. Ivana, I have been suffering with daily and constant back pain for over 5 years and regular headaches.  Additionally, I have had some frequent toe numbness.  This pain was affecting every aspect of my very active lifestyle.

I first learned about chiropractic at the Del Mar Women's Show, where there were two really cute doctors doing complementary nervous system check ups.  They had a great offer to come to one of the offices and they were donating the proceeds to San Diego Mission, which I thought was really cool and worth trying.

Now, after just 4 months of care, I FEEL GREAT!  Headaches and numbness are completely gone...I have not had a headache since the second week of care!!!  Though I still have some back pain throughout the day, I am very relieved it is no longer ALL DAY.  And the level of pain has subsided significantly.  After so many years of living with pain, I was open to trying anything.  I was at first skeptical about care, but I am so very grateful I found Chiropractic!!!

I think Dr. Ivana and Dr. Cameron are terrific!  Not only are they wonderfully friendly and professional, but I have come to really respect how knowledgeable they are.  The Wellness Workshops are awesome!!

If I was to give one piece of advice for someone considering chiropractic care at North County Family Chiropractic is not to wait another minute!  You do not have to live with pain and you will not regret your decision to invest in your health!!!


Initially: Chronic hip pain and severely limited mobility

Before seeing Dr. Cameron, I had chronic hip pain and severly limited mobility.  Due to such restricted range of motion, I had difficulty walking and climbing up and down stairs.  My previous doctors told me that I had moderate to severe osteoarthritis and I was looking at having a hip replacement surgery.

While I was at the Rancho Bernardo Street Fair, I happened to stop by a chiropractic booth and meet the doctors.  I found them to be very knowledgeable and confident in their skill.  I had nothing to loose, so I took a chance and went in for an exam.

At present I fell MUCH, MUCH BETTER.  I experience periods of time when I have no pain at all!  I can walk now...and I even went back to working out.  I actually look forward to my appointments, because I feel better and can walk better after I leave.

Though I have never had chiropractic care before, NOW I KNOW that many diseases are ACTUALLY CAUSED BY INTERFERENCE to NERVE FUNCTION!

If I was to give one advice to someone considering chiropractic care at North County Family Chiropractic is that if you really work the program and follow the doctor's advice you will find relief and health.  It won't happen overnight, but it will happen!


Initially: Lower back pain sufferer

Two years ago I made a cross-country move from Boston to California.  The many days spent driving flared up my "old" lower back injury and I was in agonizing pain.  Once I arrived to San Diego my niece Margie highly recommended Dr. Nedic after her successful chiropractic experience with the doctor.

After my initial visit, I felt very confident that chiropractic would work for me.  Now, almost three years later, I am still seeing Dr. Nedic for Chiropractic Wellness care.  At present I feel Excellent...NEVER BETTER..LIFE IS GOOD!  My care here, with the whole staff, has always been one of wellness for me.  NCFC centers on the wellness and balance of the whole person.  The doctors truly care and they want you to have 100% quality of life.



Initially: Migrane Headaches

Before I came in to see Dr. Cameron, I was constantly plagued with migraine headaches.  I would have at least one episode a day and most of the time I would have to leave school because the pain was so intense.  I was relying on medication to help with the pain.

When my medicine stopped working, a friend of my family recommended that I go and see Dr. Cameron.  After the very first treatment, the headache that I had for two weeks was gone, and I knew that continuing to see Dr. Cameron would only make things better.  During my care Dr. Cameron has always treated me with respect.  Right now I am feeling more relaxed knowing that I will not have to miss school because of my headaches.  I have had only one headache since I started care.

Dr. Cameron and the rest of the office are some of the nicest people I have met.  They treat you like people and give you respect.

At first Chiropractic meant to me getting your back cracked and you walked out feeling better.  Now Chiropractic means having your entire body feeling and functioning better with little work and perseverance.

The advice I would give to someone thinking about coming to North County Family Chiropractic would be to go for it!  They are in it to make people feel and function better from the inside out.  So anyone looking to feel better without pills and medicine should definitely come here.


Initially: Herniated disc, regular back pain, and severe sciatic pain sufferer

Prior to seeing Dr. Sutter, I have been diagnosed with a herniated disc.  I experienced regualr back pain and severe sciatic pain.  I first met Dr. Sutter at our company's health fair.  On our first encounter I was very satisfied with the accuracy of the Nervous System Scan and clarity of understanding provided by Dr. Sutter.

When I initially started care on the flexion-decompression table I didn't notice much improvement and it was slightly painful.  However, within 3 to 4 adjustments the treatments became more comfortable.  At the present moment my back pain and sciatica have been reduced by 80 to 90%!!!

I find Dr. Sutter to be highly skilled and extremely careful in his adjustments to my back and neck.  Dr. Nedic and staff are also very friendly and helpful.


The advice I would give to someone thinking about coming to North County Family Chiropractic is DON'T WAIT!  You have EVERYTHING to gain and NOTHING to lose!


Initially: Neck pain

I decided to seek chiropractic care when my neck was aching from working too long at the computer. I had just started a new job which required lots of time at the computer and it was taking its toll on my neck. I drove by North County Family Chiropractic all the time and finally decided to stop in and see if chiropractic could help me. You see, I never had been to a chiropractor before and didn't know what to expect. Dr. Sutter and Sara were so welcoming and assured me that they could make me feel better. I decided to schedule my first exam and I am so glad I did!

My initial exam revealed that my neck had incorrect alignment and places where the gap between the vertebrae was almost gone. Dr. Sutter explained that adjustments to my spine could help correct these problems. Also he said that as I progressed I would be given exercises that I could do at home to make even further improvements. Dr. Sutter was very thorough and caring and spent as much time as I needed explaining my treatment plan.

I am in my third month of treatment and I have to say that I have experienced excellent care. My neck has improved and I have found other benefits of treatment such as increased flexibility and mobility. I really look forward to my visits. I love the massage chair, the adjustment, and the supportive information that I receive each time. The environment is nurturing and caring.

I have made many lifestyle changes since beginning care at North County Family Chiropractic at the encouragement of Dr. Sutter. I exercise four times a week (never previously), eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, drink lots of water, did a body cleanse that detoxified my system, and of course receive adjustments weekly. I feel great and so much healthier!

My advice to all who might be considering chiropractic is YES! DO IT! I find North County Family Chiropractic so beneficial to my well being that I keep visiting even though I feel much better. You know, once you feel better your body can always benefit from good responsible care. And you definitely receive that good care at North Count Family Chiropractic. They are the greatest!


Initially: Muscle spasms, pinched nerves, and Scoliosis

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 11 years old and have received treatment from several chiropractors throughout the following 17 years of my life.  My scoliosis curvature was only slight, 12 degrees, and with treatment from a chiropractor was eventually decreased.  I ignored the condition, seeking treatment only when experiencing muscle spasms and pinched nerves. 

I met Dr. Ivana Nedic and Sara at a wellness exhibition that took place at my work.  I was interested in going back to see a chiropractor as my muscle spasms and pinched nerves were becoming more frequent.  When meeting Dr. Nedic, I assumed she would give me the same "shpeel" about chiropractic care and scoliosis that I've heard since I was 11. I was surprised after having spoken to her.  She presented herself as an extremely motivated individual that cared about my well being; not just to obtain another client, but appeared to put herself "out there" because she genuinely wants to help those that are willing to receive it.  I was further impressed with her vast knowledge of my spinal situation and provided me with concrete and simplified explanations of how my scoliosis may be affecting me in more ways than just muscle spasms and pinched nerves.  Yes, the famous subluxations are what I'm referring to.  Did you know what subluxations were before you met either Dr. Sutter or Dr. Nedic? Neither did I.  It was Dr. Nedic that told me that my misalignments may be contributing to my IBS, anxiety, and fatigue.  None of my other four chiropractors told me any of this.

Having received treatment from Dr. Nedic I can happily say my back feels great; my posture is better, but more imporantly I feel healthier all around.  It's cheesy, but I'm going to say it, Dr. Nedic is my inspiration.  Her drive gives me drive, her input makes sense and has reliably steered me in a healthy direction.  I run, workout, do yoga, and take vitamins.  I, Jenny, take fish oil!  I even use teachings presented by Dr. Nedic and Dr. Sutter with my own patients.

Overall, I'm satisfied and excited with the treatment I receive from North County Family Chiropractic.  Stay open and willing toward the treatment they offer and life will only change for the better.


Initially: Chronic Health Deficiency

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from chronic pain even as a small child.  When I was 16 I was diagnosed with Lyme arthritis due to having Lyme disease.  Over the years many doctors tried different pain medications which provided no pain relief and also made me quite ill.  As a result I stopped treatment for pain and resigned to the fact that this is just how I must exist in life.  As the years progressed so did my arthritis.  Some days were spent bed ridden and often I was unable to bathe without assistance, days where my 67 year old mother would be walking too fast for me and I would have to ask her to slow down or even stop to let me rest.  I had started to abandon all hope and began to even consider taking narcotic pain medication again.

One day while out with my mother on one of my really bad days, I was at the San Diego Woman's Fair and noticed the Dream Wellness booth.  They were giving complimentary nerve scans and massage for your neck.  I had little knowledge of chiropractors and one experience many years before that left a bad impression, but I was desperate for help and did not want to survive on pain medication.  So I took a step forward and a chance that would for ever change my life.

From the moment I shook Dr. Sutter's hand I could tell he was a caring, compassionate, and healing person.  He listened to my concerns and explained every step of the scan and what I could "hope" for in treatment..."hope" was not a word I had heard from any doctor in a long time.  I purchased the consult package and scheduled my appointment.  I went home with hope in my heart.

My first appointment with Dr. Sutter greatly exceeded my expectations.  I was amazed at the detailed explanations of each scan and x-ray he took.  When we reviewed the results he asked that my husband be present so that he could also understand my condition and ask questions about my plan for treatment.  It was so much more than treating the problem.  It was classes on nutrition, distressing, and prevention. Things my other doctors never discussed with me before.

Six months into my treatment I now consider myself a healthy person.  I have many day s where I am pain free, and sometimes my mother has to tell me to slow down now.  I eat healthier thanks to the excellent knowledge and advice provided by Dr. Nedic and have even shed twenty pounds.  I am no longer surviving; I am now living my life...something I have never done before.

I love the family atmosphere at the office.  Dr. Sutter, Dr. Nedic and Sara are so warm and down to earth it is impossible to not take them into your heart.  Even the connection between the other patients and yourself puts a smile on your face.

Chiropractic care has gone from something I had little understanding of and some fear about, to something I have the utmost faith in. I believe we all have the power to heal from within if given the right assistance and direction.

Many of my friends and family have seen the changes in me; they ask "what have you been doing?" I simply tell them "being well."  Then they ask "what does that mean?" and I tell them my story of Dr. sutter and Dr. Nedic and how North County Family Chiropractic has changed my life for the better.  To far and wide and the many peoples' lives we touch everyday if even for a moment, I try to let those who suffer know that Chiropractic care does help, there is hope...just look at me!  The Power IS On!


Initially: Hip and shoulder pain, headaches, and spine curvature

Initally I was experiencing soreness in my hips, tightness in left shoulder, and spine curvature.  I had also experienced frequent headaches and restless sleep.  I came across a flyer for North County Family Chiropractic in a Starbucks picking up a coffee (for my wife, not myself) and checked out the website and made an appointment.  Since inception my preventative and wellness view points were well aligned with the care philosophies of North County Family Chiropractic.

Today my Chiropractic care is primary wellness priority for my health focus.  I believe my experience with North county Family Chiropractic is a true partnership with Dr. Nedic and Dr. Sutter.  I think the doctors and the staff are fabulous.  The most congruent health care professionals I've experienced.  Personally and professionally both Dr. Nedic and Dr. Sutter have been great to me and my family!!  Sara is awesome too!

For 20 years Chiropractic has been an important aspect of health for me.  Beginning with my first experience with a friend who treated me with applied kinesiology to now North County Family Chiropractic takes it to a new level.

My advice for people thinking about care at North County Family Chiropractic is jump in!  The water is great!  Have the courage to set sail and set a new course.  Break free from the ties that bind.


Initially: Knee and hip pain

I had been struggling with pain in my knees and hips since my teens, which kept me from participating in most physical activities.  As an adult, the condition worsened and I was constantly hurting.  I sought help through physical therapy, and that worked to a point, but the pain never disappeared.  I also developed pain in my back, which I believe was a result of the issues with my legs.  I had seen a chiropractor previously, but did not have a good experience.  Finally, over the holidays last year, I tripped over a cord and fell down the stairs.  At that point, it was too much to take and I had to seek help.

I found Doctors Nedic and Sutter through Google and they just so happened to be the closest chiropractors to my office.  After my previous experience with a chiropractor, I was skeptical, but I was in so much pain that I decided to see them anyway.  It was the best decision I made all year.  After my initial consultation, I felt like I had found doctors that could not only help me with my back, but with a host of other health issues as well.  They were warm, caring, and truly concerned with my well-being.

My care to date has been fantastic.  I always look forward to my office visits with Dr. Cameron.  I feed off of the positive energy in the office and stay motivated to continue to improve my health.  There are days when it feels like I just have too much going on to make my appointment, but I am always happy that I make the time to come in.

Today, I am doing much better.  I've seen significant improvement in the alignment of my back, and I have minimal pain in my knees and hips.  Not only can I now go up a flight of stairs without using a handrail, but I just recently started running and biking.  I never thought I would be able to do these things, and I feel so blessed to be able to get out there and embrace life to the fullest.

Dr. Cameron and his staff are not only excellent at their profession, but they are amazing people as well.  They have an attentive nature, a genuine care and concern for the patients, and a positive spirit that is so motivating.  Chiropractic care is not just about your back, and it's not just about popping things back into place.  It's taking care of all the essential parts of your body-your skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems.

My advice for those considering care at NCFC is to go for it.  It's a decision you will never regret.  Whether the doctors just help you with today's ache or they help you find and travel the path to better health it will be worth it.  I won't say that I don't know where I would be without them...I do know, and it wasn't pretty.  If you follow their advice and help them to help you, you will see and feel the benefits.


Initially: Pain in neck and upper back causing daily headaches.

My wife had found Dr. Sutter through the internet.  She had an injury that needed treatment and told me how wonderful the care was at North County Family Chiropractic.  During my treatment I have never felt like my well being wasn't Dr. Sutter's first priority.  The staff at NCFC has been incredible about meeting my needs for treatment or scheduling.

Currently, I have been so much better!  Not only have the headaches ceased and my range of motion improved, but I feel much more empowered to make more positive changes in my life.  Dr. Nedic, Dr. Sutter and staff are people who care and only want the best for their patients.  They truly want each and every patient to live to the best potential that their life can offer.

I used to think Chiropractic was only about the realignment of the spine, but now I know it's connected to so much more.  My advice for people thinking about care at North County Family Chiropractic is to come in and be evaluated immediately.  Everyone will have different results, but I found immediate relief that reminded me of how my body should function and it only took one visit!