Skip to content A Message to our NCFC Member Family About Covid-19

To our NCFC member family,

female hands holding cutout paper familyAmid uncertainty and fear over the development of Covid-19, we wanted to provide you with up to date information from our center and our commitment to social responsibility in curtailing the pandemic.

The information of closures and restrictions can be overwhelming to say the least. Though we do not know how long the collective activism will have to hold together and how many more changes are ahead of us, we do know that the best thing to do right now is to make sure we are all taking great care of each other and ourselves!

Most importantly, taking care of our immune systems so that if you do come in contact with the virus (Convid-19 or any other virus) your body can quickly can fight it! I will be making a personal commitment to share a bi-weekly email and post about self-care techniques to ensure robust health to you and your family! Though it may seem we have no control over the outside world, we do have so much control within our world. So please make sure to check our emails regularly and join us on FB and Instagram!

Here’s a quick list of things you can do to boost your immunity:


Over the following weeks we are expanding our office hours as we know how important a strong immune system is to fight any virus your body comes in contact with – an adjustment alone can boost your immune response by 200%! Now is when your body needs chiropractic more than ever.

These are the steps and protocols we are placing to ensure safety, respect and high-quality health care at North County Family Chiropractic:

1. We are consistently wiping down all surfaces within North County Family Chiropractic.

2. We have removed all the toys from the kid’s area. We apologize ahead of time if your kiddos favorite toy is missing when they come in! We know that the Zoo toy is the kids favorite but the Zoo will be getting a deep cleaning and will return soon.

3. All tables will be cleaned after every adjustment. We will be using 70% alcohol/hydrogen peroxide mixture wipes. If you prefer plant-based wipes we won’t be able to provide those at this time.

4. We are both expanding and stretching out our schedule! Please note that we may call you to move your appointment time a few minutes up or down to accommodate for open space. These changes will also keep the waiting room to half of its capacity. Come in, get an immune boost and head home! Waiting outside is also a great option for anyone that would like.

5. Hospital Grade Air System: Triad Aer. Two weeks ago we have added an air purification system that utilizes electrostatic filtration, needle point ionization and photo catalytic oxidation. Please note there will be periods when our office will have a strong Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide scent…that means that the circulating air is ozonated. The system kills all mold, fungi, bacteria and viruses! NCFC has hospital grade air!

6. Private Appointments. For our members that are in the vulnerable age range or health state, please note that Dr. Ivana will be making one on one, private appointments on Tuesday afternoons from 2-5:30 and Saturday mornings from 9am-12pm. These appointments are by appointment only.

7. Signs of an infection. If you are experiencing any signs of an infection such as coughing, sneezing and have an active fever we will not be able to accommodate visits during regular office hours. However, please do call us as we are available to set up a 10-minute consults on what you can be doing at home for self-care. During this time, let’s all do our part to combat what we can control and keep using chiropractic to strengthen your immune system. There’s no better time than now to ensure your body has the ability to adapt to any virus and exposure out there.


I understand the impulse for pasta, bread and potatoes for stocking up the pantry. However, this is exactly what our diet should not be based on. Later this week I will be sending out how and why to stock up on fresh produce! But, for now lots of greens and lots of citrus!!!!! Six servings of vegetables and a cup of citrus a day!


Here are my top recommendations for non-symptomatic immune system support:
(Kids over the age of 5 can do the same dose as adults. Half the dose for kids ages 2-5)

  • Vitamin C (from Arceolla Cherry Powder) 500mg, two to three times a day (kids same dose)
  • Zinc 5-10mg a day
  • Vitamin D3 1000IU/day (and or 20 minutes of mid-day sun exposure)
  • NAC 250mg/day
  • Immunplex by Standard Process. 3-4 Capsules per day. Adults only.
  • CongaPlex by Standard Process. 3 tablets per day. Kids under the age of 12.
  • Probiotics. Recommended dose by your product
  • Vitamin B complex. Recommended dose by your product.
  • Beef Liver Extract by Vital Proteins. Recommended dose by your product.
  • Manuka Honey. ½ teaspoon a day


Gym is not the only place for exercise to happen. Your home has everything you need to move, stretch, get your heart rate up and even strength train! Make sure to break a sweat, because that’s how our body gets things moving on out! Dr. Cameron and I will be posting on videos for efficient home-based workouts.


Manage your stress levels. In times like this, our stress levels sky rocket. Stress is known to cause 90% of all illness and will only dramatically decrease our body’s ability to FIGHT. Amidst all the unknown and chaos right now, try and find peace. Meditate, stay away from social media, love on your people, and stay grounded. Get plenty of restful sleep. Your immune system requires large amounts of energy, so it depends on adequate sleep to function at full capacity. Getting adjusted helps activate your parasympathetic nerve system which helps your stress.

And of course, wash your hands! We’re in this together and we’re here for you!

With Love and Gratitude,

Dr. Ivana, Dr. Cameron, and the NCFC wellness team!


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