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Chiropractor Rancho Bernardo, Dr. Cameron Sutter

Dr. Cameron Sutter

Discovering a Drug-Free Lifestyle

Growing up in New Jersey, Dr. Cameron considered himself pretty healthy. He ran the Boston Marathon at age 20 and exercised regularly. One day during his lifeguarding job, a co-worker mentioned that she had a headache. “I asked her, ‘why don’t you just take a Tylenol®?'” She replied that her father was a chiropractor and she grew up drug-free, never taking medications. “I remember thinking, ‘how are you still alive?'” In disbelief, Dr. Cameron asked to meet her father.

He was instantly intrigued by this natural approach to health. A family friend, who was a chiropractor, further educated Dr. Cameron. He spent his college breaks working in the office. Chiropractic went with the balanced lifestyle Dr. Cameron believed in with proper diet, rest, exercise and mental well-being.

Chiropractic Training and Experience

To earn a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Cameron attended Southern California University of Health Sciences, graduating magna cum laude. Toward the end of his education, he began attending seminars. These educational opportunities opened his eyes to how chiropractic could change people’s lives.

Dr. Cameron is a sports lover and sees college basketball players, pro surfers, Olympic swimmers and 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk participants. He is a well-known and respected lecturer on topics including nutrition, stress management, and peak performance, often speaking at area businesses. Additionally, he is certified in the Webster Technique.

Making the Most of Life in Rancho Bernardo

In his spare time, Dr. Cameron enjoys being with his wife and sons. They go hiking, hit the beach to play in the ocean and go on vacation when they can. Dr. Cameron likes to go to exercise class and plan date nights with his wife, Dr. Nedic. Surfing and mountain biking are his biggest passions, which recharge him and fill him with joy.

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