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Dr Ivana adjusting boy

Pediatric Chiropractic
in Rancho Bernardo

Surprisingly, spinal problems can begin when your baby is in the womb. In fact, Dr. Sutter and Dr. Nedic’s first son was a breech baby and came into the world with torticollis in his upper neck. His first adjustment was right after he was born. With regular care, his neck and nerve system was balanced.

The problem is that your babies and children can’t always tell you when something is wrong. Any imbalances they have can result in more serious problems later in life. We want to locate any of these areas of imbalance by evaluating their spine and nerve system, then make corrections as needed.

How Children Can Benefit From Chiropractic

The many conditions we’ve helped children with include sleeping difficulties, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, colic, constipation, acid reflux and nursing troubles. If you’re wondering whether they can benefit from chiropractic, bring them in for an evaluation. We’ll be happy to check whether we can assist them.


How do you adjust a baby?

A baby only needs a light touch. For children, we can use the Activator® instrument on a light setting. Though kids aren’t adjusted like an adult, we can still make sure their nervous system is working at 100%.

What if my child feels nervous about seeing a chiropractor?

We understand that a child might not know what to expect when they first join our practice. We’ll tell them exactly what we’re doing and that our aim is to make sure they can run faster and jump higher. The adjustment is quick, and they can choose a treasure from the toy chest afterward.

How early in life can you start seeing a chiropractor?

You can bring your baby in to see us as soon as possible after they’re born. We’ve seen premature babies who are still with us today, years later, healthy and robust. It’s an honor to see your children throughout their lives and help them express their best health.

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